Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition

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Building Local Living Communities
For Today and Tomorrow

Building a brighter future is a fun and rewarding experience. BRSC offers a unique opportunity to become involved and to make your special contribution to the vision of a revitalized Binghamton region. We welcome your support and interest.

About Us

The Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition (BRSC) was formed in mid-2008 following a series of community forums on sustainability and a community visioning session. Hosting monthly meetings and frequent educational forums, BRSC currently connects with countless local organizations and with approximately 1500 individuals through its events, list serves and Facebook.

BRSC has established itself as a resource for information about gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale and the potential impacts on our community's environment, economy, and health and its members continue to provide valuable contributions in this area.

BRSC is also leading the following four major initiatives:

Many Hands Food Cooperative

A community-owned grocery store that will help us feed our families healthy food, support local farms, and create local jobs. (Read more...)

Southern Tier Solar Works

STWS will make solar energy accessable to residents, businesses, muncipalities and schools across the region. Our goals are to create lasting local jobs, put energy dollars back in the hands of residents and businesses, and demonstrate our shared commitment to the natural environment, while making our region a NY State solar leader. (Read more...)

Binghamton Rising

A regional Buy Local network that connects locally-owned member businesses with individual members, promotes a 10% shift to local spending, and advances a vibrant economy that values everyone. (Read more...)

Transforming Binghamton Collaboration

A group dedicated to pursuing community development based on proven models of anchor institution engagement and the application of scientific principles and methodologies, which result in transformative improvements in the well-being of all. (Read more...)